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Yoga/Fitness Announcements:


Our yoga studio is designed to be a safe-haven from the worries and cares of day-to-day life. Beautiful wooden floors, gentle natural lighting, and welcoming energy make it the perfect space to tune out the world and tune into your practice. We provide the mats, props, and an array of class formats intended to provide for all of your yoga needs.

Standard classes are lightly heated to a comfortable 78°F, while classes labeled *heated* are roughly 90°F. Instructors use music and lighting to create a fully immersive experience.

Brand new to yoga and looking to get started? Check out our Slow-Flow Vinyasa and Restorative formats.

Looking to level-up your practice? Check out our Vinyasa and Fit-Flow formats.

Prefer to practice solo? The studio is always available for use between scheduled classes.

Don’t see a class format you’d like or have any feedback on Yoga/Fitness in general? Please fill out a comment card in the gym, or email - we’ll see what we can do.

Class Descriptions:

Slow Flow Vinyasa

If you’ve ever been in a yoga class and asked yourself, “Am I doing this right?” Slow-Flow Vinyasa is for you. If you’re a brand new yogi seeking a healthy foundation for a life-long practice, Slow-Flow Vinyasa is for you. If you’re a seasoned yogi who wants to slow down, check-in, and move mindfully, Slow-Flow Vinyasa is for you.

Slow-Flow Vinyasa is our most accessible movement based yoga at MBP, and is truly an all-levels experience. This format is designed as a stand-alone practice, or as a preparation for Vinyasa I/II/III. Our instructors are passionate about helping you build a healthy connection between your body, mind, and yoga practice. Expect to learn the names and proper alignment of standard vinyasa poses, intentional breathing, and how to transition your mind from, “How do I look?” to “How do I feel?” Each class features a grounding warm-up, alignment-focused static poses, breath-based slow-flow, and a few restorative postures before a final savasana.

Vinyasa I / Vinyasa II / Vinyasa III

Vinyasa is the staple of the Minneapolis Bouldering Project yoga program. This movement based practice emphasizes intentional breathing, mindful transitions, postural alignment, and self-acceptance. Each class features a gentle integration, gradual warm-up, sequenced flows, and sun salutations. Practitioners can expect optional, judgement-free opportunities to explore arm-balances and inversions. The difficulty of the class increases with the level of Vinyasa (I, II or III), but each class features modifications and a safe-space to make your practice exactly what YOU need it to be. A tranquil cool-down and closing savasana help integrate your yoga practice into life off the mat.

*heated* classes are warmed to roughly 90°F.

Fit-Flow Vinyasa

Fit-Flow is our solution for the mindful athlete who doesn’t want to choose between a great yoga class and a great workout. This class is a full-value experience featuring a familiar vinyasa warm-up, an exhilarating yoga-based strength, balance, and cardio workout, and a restorative cool-down. The exercises are intentionally designed to strengthen the body for the postures and transitions of vinyasa yoga, while simultaneously working the antagonistic muscles of climbing. This combination makes Fit-Flow the perfect stand-alone workout, addition to a yoga routine, and/or cross-training and injury prevention for bouldering. Inspiring instructors and energetic playlists make Fit-Flow a party to look forward to.

Vinyasa *Express*

This shortened version of our Vinyasa yoga is a great way to start the day. In terms of difficulty, think of this as a “Vinyasa 1.5”. A warm-up precedes a dynamic flow, followed by a peak intensity and relaxing cool-down.


Restorative yoga is self-care. This is the place to give your body and mind a break; to nourish your nervous system and balance life’s intensity in a healthy way. Rejuvenating postures are held for an extended period of time, with props heavily used to support your journey to ease and release. Expect to stay low to the ground, use limited physical effort, and to be provided with the space and support for your thoughts to unwind. Our instructors are a calm presence, dedicated to helping you find steadiness and comfort in your restorative practice.


Our candlelight yoga classes will follow the same approach as our traditional Vinyasa and Restorative classes, but serenely illuminated by candlelight.


Our weight room has all the equipment you need to train hard, stay mobile, and get fit. The space is designed for you to choose your own adventure, with free weights, squat racks, open space, cardio equipment and more. We hope you’ll find everything you need for your ideal training session, and if anything is missing just let us know.

Need a little more guidance or motivation? Check out our group fitness offerings.

Class Descriptions:

How To Start Weightlifting

How to Start Weightlifting teaches athletes how to begin their strength training routine. Each class features four exercises focused on the hinging, squatting, pulling, and pushing motions of the body. Not sure what those motions are? No worries, the instructor will break-down everything down in an approachable way. The second half of class gives athletes an opportunity to practice the movements in a circuit-style workout, allowing the instructor to give athletes individualized feedback. This class is perfect for anyone seeking a fitness routine, a supportive community, ideas for the gym, or guidance on form. All levels are welcome, limit 15 participants.

Strength & Conditioning 

Strength & Conditioning establishes a base level of fitness for pursuing athletic goals. Each class includes an intentionally designed strength component, followed by a cardiovascular conditioning circuit. A full-body warm-up and cool-down make this 50 minute session an outstanding workout. Our friendly instructors create a welcoming environment, build confidence in our fitness space, and motivate athletes to unlock their potential. Instructors are skilled at modifying workouts to all fitness levels, so everyone is welcome. Limit 15 participants.

Strength & Conditioning *Express*

This shortened version of our Strength & Conditioning is a great way to start the day. Strength & Conditioning *Express* features a full-body warm-up, an intentionally designed strength component, a cardiovascular conditioning circuit, and a cool-down. The class is shortened to 40 minutes to help build fitness into busy mornings. Instructors are skilled at modifying workouts to all fitness levels, so everyone is welcome. Limit 15 participants.

Abs & Core

Abs + Core is designed to improve posture, prevent low back pain, and create a strong athletic foundation. Our instructors work with the class through an engaging 30 minute workout, holistically strengthening the core from every angle. Everyone is welcome, limit 20 participants.

Womxn’s Weightlifting

Womxn’s Weightlifting is a weekly class designed to empower womxn, femmes, and gender non-conforming folks with the tools, space, and community to learn about fitness. Each week’s lessons will build upon the last, while also being a complete experience within itself. Expect to explore the basics of movement, kettlebells, dumbbells, and the foundations of lifting. Each class will feature an educational component along with a structured workout. There is no pre-registration requirement; this Womxn’s Weightlifting operates on a first-come-first-serve basis. The class is limited to 8 participants, so please arrive early.


Movement training cultivates the body’s coordination, adaptability, and capacity to learn new motor patterns. The mobility and muscular control you will gain from movement training is fantastic for climbing, weight lifting, running, and any other athletic endeavor. Elements of gymnastics, martial arts, parkour, dance, handstands, strength training, and more are used to create a fun and thoughtful workout which will make you sweat and think.