Class Schedule


Our yoga studio is designed to be a safe-haven from the worries and cares of day-to-day life. Beautiful wooden floors, gentle natural lighting, and welcoming energy make it the perfect space to tune out the world and tune into your practice. We provide the mats, props, and an array of class formats intended to provide for all of your yoga needs.

Standard classes are lightly heated to a comfortable 78°F, while classes labeled *heated* are roughly 90°F. Instructors use music and lighting to create a fully immersive experience.

Brand new to yoga and looking to get started? Check out our Slow-Flow Vinyasa and Restorative formats.

Looking to level-up your practice? Check out our Vinyasa and Fit-Flow formats.

Prefer to practice solo? The studio is always available for use between scheduled classes.

Don’t see a class format you’d like or have any feedback on Yoga/Fitness in general? Please fill out a comment card in the gym, or email - we’ll see what we can do.

Class Descriptions:


A deep dive into form and technique. Postures are held for longer, with an emphasis on detailed instruction and hands-on assists. Alignment builds layers of isometric strength, providing a safe challenge for all levels.

Vinyasa I / Vinyasa II / Vinyasa III

Invigorate the body and mind through movement and breath. Vinyasa yoga builds strength, mobility, and full-body coordination through intentionally crafted breath-based sequences. Each class provides invigorating music, inspiring challenges, and opportunities to uplevel or modify throughout.

*heated* classes are warmed to roughly 90°F.

Fit-Flow Vinyasa

Designed for the athlete who craves an exhilarating yoga class AND an inspiring workout. FitFlow features a familiar vinyasa warm-up, energizing yoga-based workout, and restorative cool-down. Strengthen the body for vinyasa yoga, and work the antagonist muscles of climbing.

*Express* Vinyasa

This shortened version of our Vinyasa yoga is a great way to start the day. In terms of difficulty, think of this as a “Vinyasa 1.5”. A warm-up precedes a dynamic flow, followed by a peak intensity and relaxing cool-down.


Slow down and relax. Melt into zero-effort postures which are held for 5-15 minutes apiece. Props are heavily used to allow every yogi to customize their experience. Restorative yoga calms the body and mind while balancing life’s intensity in a healthy way. 


Deep stretching refreshes the body’s nervous system and connective tissues. Yin postures are held for 3-5 minutes, and generate greater intensity than typical restorative postures. A boost of stillness, simplicity, and flexibility make Yin yoga a perfect compliment to any yoga, fitness, or climbing routine. 


Our candlelight yoga classes will follow the same approach as our traditional Vinyasa, Yin, and Restorative classes, but serenely illuminated by candlelight.


Our weight room has all the equipment you need to train hard, stay mobile, and get fit. The space is designed for you to choose your own adventure, with free weights, squat racks, open space, cardio equipment and more. We hope you’ll find everything you need for your ideal training session, and if anything is missing just let us know.

Need a little more guidance or motivation? Check out our group fitness offerings.

Class Descriptions:

Strength & Conditioning 

40 minutes of focused fitness. Each class features an efficient warm-up, individualized strength portion, high intensity cardio circuit, core finale, and integrative cool down. Mix in a supportive community and energizing music, and the resulting experience is as motivating as it is effective. This class is cross-training for any athletic pursuit, or a stand-alone program for your health and fitness.


Build a solid foundation. Core is a 30-minute group fitness workout targeted at strengthening everything from elbows to knees. The intentional variety of movements and positions allows maximum effort while avoiding overuse. Each class is a customizable challenge, empowering you with options to scale up or modify throughout. 


Strength is half workout, half workshop. Each session will build up to one big-ticket lift, such as the squat, chest press, deadlift, or pull-up. Class is structured with a warm-up to prepare for the lift of the day, followed by technical instruction and execution of the lift. The session ends with a complementary cardio circuit, making Strength a complete workout. Recommended to beginners for establishing proper form, and experienced athletes for learning to safely lift heavier weights.


A fun and creative approach to fitness. Each class is different, using games, animalistic movement patterns, mobility drills and more to create a unique and engaging workout. Movement is designed to improve your strength, coordination, muscle control and mobility.