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Our yoga studio is designed to be a safe-haven from the worries and cares of day-to-day life. Gentle lighting, beautiful wooden floors, and all of the necessary yoga accouterments are provided to give you a luxurious experience. Cultivate energy in our Vinyasa I and II, or melt your stress away during an hour of Restorative. Whether you're seeking a strong body or a quiet mind, we have the yoga for you.

Prefer to practice solo? The studio is always available for use between scheduled classes.

Class Descriptions:

Vinyasa I

Vinyasa I is a movement based yoga which emphasizes linking breath to motion. In this beginner-friendly class, Instructors will guide you through foundational yoga postures and help you understand what to expect from a yoga class. This class is lightly heated and set to music for an immersive experience.

Vinyasa II

Vinyasa II will help expand your yoga practice and personal limits. This class is faster paced, lightly heated, and builds upon the fundamentals learned in Vinyasa I. Prepare for an invigorating workout for your body and mind. All levels are welcome, but yoga experience is recommended.


Restorative yoga is the place to let go of everything from stress at work to aches from exercise. Rejuvenating postures are held for an extended period of time to ease the tension from your body and mind. A lightly heated room and soothing music help you find total release. Great before bed, after a hard workout, or anytime you could use a healthy pick-me-up.


Our candlelight yoga classes will follow the same approach as our traditional Vinyasa and Restorative classes, but serenely illuminated by candlelight.


Our weight room has all the equipment you need to train hard, stay mobile, and get fit. The space is designed for you to choose your own adventure, with free weights, squat racks, open space, cardio equipment and more. We hope you’ll find everything you need for your ideal training session, and if anything is missing just let us know.

Need a little more guidance or motivation? Check out our group fitness offerings.

Class Descriptions:

Abs & Core

Abs & Core is a 30 minute class designed to activate and stabilize everything between your shoulders and your knees. The functional strength you will gain from this class will benefit you on the climbing wall, in the gym, and in day to day tasks. Limit 14 participants per class.

Strength & Conditioning 

This circuit style class utilizes cardio and strength training to help you improve your overall fitness. Dumbbells, kettlebells, plyo boxes and medicine balls are some of the tools you will use to strengthen your muscles, coordination, and cardiovascular system. The uplifting group dynamic makes workouts fun and supportive, while encouraging you to find and push your personal limits. Limit 14 participants per class.

Strength & Conditioning *Express*

Start your day the healthy way with this shortened version of our Strength & Conditioning class. Limit 14 participants per class.  


Feel better and prevent injuries after hard workouts and long days. Speed up your recovery time while learning the fundamentals of self-myofascial release, mobility and corrective exercise. All fitness levels, ages, and body types will benefit from Recovery. Limit 10 participants per class.

Intro to Weight Lifting

The MBP weight room is packed with tools to help you get strong and stay fit. However, most of our equipment requires some fundamental knowledge to safely utilize. This class will teach you the proper techniques for using our different modalities such as dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells, and exercise balls. The class size is small to provide you with personalized feedback and recommendations from our knowledgeable trainers. Limit 6 participants per class, pre-registration required.

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