We love climbing. And everything that comes with it.

There’s nothing like stepping onto padded floors in a room full of friends, stretching out tight muscles, and shaking off the day’s rust. We love the concentration through crux sequences, laughing at sideways falls onto padded floors, problems you get, and problems that leave you humbled. We meet up to pull on plastic in the city, to condition for our outdoor adventures.

What is Minneapolis Bouldering Project? High ceilings. Open layout. Natural light from floor-to-ceiling windows. Enormous, striking climbing walls. Topout boulders. Innovative and grade-consistent routesetting. Seamless padding. A fleet of rental crash pads. A full-service fitness center. Locker rooms with saunas. Yoga. Weights. Cross-training. Youth programs. Kids areas. Instruction. Parties. Community.

Everything we know and love about climbing, wrapped up into one package we call Minneapolis Bouldering Project.

We can't wait to climb with you. 

MBP Membership Benefits

We have some extras for members:

• Unlimited access to our yoga & fitness classes

• Complimentary climbing progression classes

• Two free day-passes per month for friends who are first time guests

• Get a 10% discount on all retail

• Get a 20% discount on climbing shoes, 3x per month at our shoe demos

• Freeze a monthly memberships for $5/month, and reactivate at any time

• Discounts on youth programs and yoga & fitness workshops

• Access a $20 per month rebate through our healthcare insurance kickback

What is Minneapolis Bouldering Project?

Did we mention: Saunas. Yoga. Weights. Cross-training. Instruction. Parties. Community.

• Twenty thousand square feet of climbing terrain 

• Yoga studio with daily classes for beginners, advanced practitioners & everyone in between

• Complete fitness studio with classes for all levels

• Climbing training area with a full suite of climbing tools. Yes, we have a Treadwall

• Fitness area with weight lifting & cardio equipment

• Full service locker rooms with showers & saunas

• Social & work spaces, perfect for unplugging or plugging in  

• Dedicated youth & family climbing & lounge areas


We can’t wait to share the gym with you. 

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