Our boulders are set with color-coded holds called Bouldering Circuits, where the color of the circuit represents difficulty. Our Bouldering Circuits are designed to reflect progression in climbing, and create a way to navigate our boulders with an open mind, letting you put aside the expectations of success or failure. 

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Climbing Classes

There’s a lot to learn in climbing. We have classes we’d recommend for this.

Our instructors are our staff — they’re all obsessed with climbing. They’ll introduce you to bouldering and the facility and help you get better at climbing, faster.

Climbing classes mix it up — instruction, fun, challenge, success, failure, laughter, and maybe the occasional swear word.

Intro To MBP

If you’re new to bouldering or if you want a refresher on the basics, this is a 60-minute class that gets you up to speed on the facility, safety, etiquette, and fundamentals of bouldering.

Zero to hero in 60 minutes. Pretty fast.

Intro to MBP is free with your day pass, punch-card, or membership. Available to all ages and abilities. 

Please arrive 5-10 minutes before class. Don’t have a waiver on file? Complete our online waiver, here.

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Intro To Bouldering Movement

Intro To Bouldering Movement is intended for those looking to improve their core climbing technique, or those not yet comfortable climbing the purple circuit (V3-V4). It’s goal is to give students an understanding of basic climbing movements and how to apply them.

These concepts will provide a foundation for the more complex movements that occur at higher grades. They will also be introduced to the mental aspects of climbing and how they affect climbing performance. Students should be able to leave the class with an idea of what good, technical movement is and how to practice these movements on their own.

Classes are free with your day pass, punch card, or membership. Don’t have a waiver on file? Complete our online waiver, here.

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Climb with a Coach

Delve deep with MBP’s experienced climbing coaches as they tailor an experience to you using the circuit system in ways you never thought of.  This program is geared towards those who want to gain skill and learn how the circuit system can improve your climbing.

If you are a climber looking for an additional touch of personalization and the space to ask any and all questions, this is the program for you. Our goal is to help you build a strong skill base, embrace complex movements, and send you home with a sense of how you can come climb on your own with purpose.


Tuesday evenings: 6pm - 8pm

Class Size Limit: 5 participants

Cost: $15

Open to climbers of all experience levels

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Climbing Class Registration

Online registration closes two hours prior to the start of each class. You can sign-up at the front desk within two hours of class, as long as there’s space available.

Have questions?

Call our front desk at 612 308 2800
or e-mail: info@minneapolisboulderingproject.com

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